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Women's Deluxe Snow White Evil Queen Costume 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, this elegantly evil royal is the fairest of them all! This evil queen Halloween costume is perfect for bringing some daring drama to your costume party. This sexy women's costume features a menacingly magnificent dress with a high-low hem, a dramatic red sash and a purple center inset. The sleek and shiny red cape and stand-up collar will strike fear into the heart of the sweetest princess at the party. One look at you and Snow White will think twice about biting into that candy apple! Adult small fits sizes 4-6.Includes.• Dress• Cape• Crown headpiece. Imported.  (shoes are not included).....


color: black/blue/red

AB-DG85702N       small    fits sizes 4-6.      M

AB-DG85702B       medium   fits sizes 8-10.     M

AB-DG85702E       large    fits sizes 12-14.    M

AB-DG85702F       XLarge   fits sizes 18-20.    M


price: 79.95



Women's Deluxe Snow White Evil Queen

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