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Men's Top Gun Jumpsuit Costume


Step into the danger zone with this Top Gun costume, perfect for Halloween! Based off the classic movie Top Gun, this jumpsuit will make you look like the coolest fighter pilot around! You be Maverick, have a friend be Goose! TM & 2010 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved Men's SM/MD. ADULT SIZE 42-44.Includes:• Zipper front flight suit• Interchangeable Maverick and Goose name badges• Logo aviator sunglasses Imported.


color: grey

AB-UATG83702SD       SM/MD. ADULT SIZE 42-44.        M
AB-UATG83702ML       medium/large                    M
AB-UATG83702XL       X-large                         M


price: 114.95

Men's Top Gun Jumpsuit Costume

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